Mobile application for payment collection of Chit, Lean EMI, Pickme collection and similar.
Bluetooth bill print, SMS payment alert, WhatsApp alert, csv file upload and integration with corebanking application.

Chit Fund

Payment collection is an essential activity for any financial institution which conduct chit funds. Beak pay mobile app helps in effective payment collection.

Loan EMI

Organizations can create loan against customers with EMI details and payment due dates. Agents can perform collections through Beak Pay application.

Pick-me Daily

Daily collection is vital for organizations into pick-me business. Managing payments from customers, consolidations etc are really easy with Beak Pay.

System Integration

Accounting systems already in use can be easily integrated with Beak Pay which can pull customer and loan detail from accounting system and return details of payments collected by various agents.

Live Reports and Notifications

Beak Pay is equipped with plenty of reports those helps finance managers to get details of payments, due details, defaulter list, withdrawals, performance of agents etc. which will help in improving business.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Beak Pay is a cloud based system and requires no maintenance from organizations implementing it. Mobile app is user friendly and persons used with Android mobile can use the application with less help.

Application Insights


Beak Pay is financial application which empower financial institutions like Banks, Co-Operative Banks, Co-Operative societies, Private Banks, Trust, Societies, Associations, Club and money lending organizations to perform field level money collection against loans.

Solution comprises two parts viz a web application for managers and mobile application for payment collection. Collection agents will carry mobile device and perform transactions through the app installed on the Android device. Data entered by collection agent will be synced to centralized server and web application on admin side will generate reports from the data.

Mobile app can generate bill receipt to be given to the customer as well as SMS notifications to customer. Mobile application is compatible with blue tooth printer which is an easy to use, light to carry and low cost device. Institutions manager will get notified up on billing by collection agents on the field. Following are few screens of the mobile application carried by agent for payment collection.

  • Log in screen
  • Customer Search & Listing
  • Payment Screen
  • Application Menu

Features and Advantages

User friendly, easy to use, economic and affordable application built on state of the art technologies. It brings in a lot of control on business for managers. Beak Pay payment collection system syncs data with cloud server which enables managers with real time monitoring of collection agents. This will help the financial institution to reduce misuses and malpractices by collection agents. Beak pay application help managers with tracking of collection agents through GPS mechanism and hence managers get involved in real time accounts.

  • Due Tracking
  • Help managers to track customers payment due for given dates.
  • Daily Collection Summary
  • Easily gets daily collection summary of each collection agent
  • Live Alerts
  • Alerts to managers and customers up on payment collection by agents
  • Device and User Security
  • Allow devices and users approved by manager. Manager can block users any time.

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